Rovinj Guide – All You Need to Know About Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj is a charming coastal town located in the Istria region of Croatia. With influences from the Romans, Venetians, and Austro-Hungarians seen in its architecture and cuisine, this attractive town has a rich history and culture. Beautiful beaches, clean waters, and a charming ancient town make Rovinj famous. Couples and families will both find the town’s old world charm, meandering cobblestone streets, and colourful buildings to be appealing. Everyone can find something to enjoy in Rovinj, whether they are interested in history, culture, or simply soaking up some Mediterranean sun. In order to help you plan a wonderful vacation to Rovinj, we’ll look in more detail at the town’s main attractions, top lodgings, and useful information in this guide.

How to get to Rovinj

It is simple to get to Rovinj, which is in Croatia’s Istrian region, using a variety of transportation options.

By Air: Pula Airport, located around 40 km from Rovinj, is the closest airport. Major European cities often fly into the airport. To get to Rovinj from the airport, you may either take a cab or hire a vehicle.

By Train: Kanfanar, located around 20 km from Rovinj, is the closest train station. You may take a cab or bus to get to Rovinj from the train station.

By Bus: Major cities in Croatia and its neighbours are easily reachable by bus from Rovinj. Since the bus terminal is in the middle of the city, getting there is simple.

By car: If you’re travelling by automobile, you may get to Rovinj by using the A8 or A9 highways from Trieste, Italy.

The trip to Rovinj is spectacular, with breathtaking views of the Istrian countryside and the Adriatic Sea, regardless of the form of transportation you use.

Top Attractions in Rovinj

Due to its lovely ancient town and picturesque shoreline, Rovinj, a city in Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, is a well-liked travel destination. Natural splendour, historical sites, and cultural hubs abound throughout the city. The following are the major attractions in Rovinj:

  • St. Euphemia’s Basilica is a well-known landmark in Rovinj. It is a Baroque church from the 18th century. It has breathtaking views of the city and the Adriatic Sea and is situated on a hill near the ancient town. The bell tower’s summit may be reached by visitors for 360-degree views.
  • The primary entrance to the old town was formerly this 17th-century arch, which is today a well-liked picture location. A clock and a little statue of St. Michael may be seen on the arch.
  • Rovinj Heritage Museum: This museum, housed in a Baroque palace, chronicles Rovinj’s history from prehistoric times to the present. Visitors can view objects, artwork, and sculptures from many eras.
  • Punta Corrente Park is a natural park with stunning views of the coast and islands that is situated on a peninsula south of Rovinj. It’s a well-liked location for picnics, biking, and hiking.
  • North of Rovinj lies a picturesque bay called Lim Bay, which is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and verdant surroundings. Visitors may sample some of the local seafood or take a boat tour of the bay.

For the most up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit each attraction’s official website or inquire at the tourist information centre because admission prices and operating hours differ for each destination.

Things to Do in Rovinj

In addition to its charming alleys, stunning beaches, and interesting historical landmarks, Rovinj is renowned for its outdoor pursuits and cultural events. The following activities in Rovinj will make your visit memorable:

Outdoor Activities and Adventures

  1. Rovinj has a variety of beaches for swimming and tanning, including the well-known Punta Corrente Park and Mulini Beach. Enjoy the sunshine while swimming in the Adriatic Sea’s pristine waters.
  2. Rent a bike to see the lovely landscape surrounding Rovinj. Numerous bicycle paths across the city provide breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and the ocean.
  3. Hiking: Explore Rovinj’s Mediterranean greenery, woodlands, and rocky beaches on a walk through the Punta Corrente Natural Park.
  4. Experience the rush of the water by trying your hand at kayaking, windsurfing, or paddleboarding.

Cultural Experiences and Entertainment

  1. Visit the Old Town: Take a stroll around the quaint Old Town of Rovinj to see the attractive St. Euphemia’s Basilica as well as its winding lanes, vintage structures, and historic attractions.
  2. Attend a cultural event: The year is filled with festivals and events in Rovinj, which boasts a thriving cultural scene. A variety of musical, theatrical, and dance events are presented during the Rovinj Summer Festival, which runs from June through September.
  3. Try typical Istrian delicacies like truffles, prut (smoked ham), and seafood specialities as you indulge in the regional cuisine. The Old Town of Rovinj has a large number of eateries and bars.

All categories of travellers may find something to do and see in Rovinj’s wide variety of experiences. Everyone may find something to enjoy in Rovinj, whether they want to spend their days relaxing on the beach or discovering the city’s diverse culture.

Best Time to Visit Rovinj

Rovinj, a lovely seaside town on the Adriatic Sea, benefits from a Mediterranean temperature, which makes it a well-liked tourist destination all year long. Here is a summary of the weather in Rovinj along with the best times to go there depending on a number of variables.

Weather and Climate Patterns

Rovinj has pleasant winters with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 15°C and hot, dry summers with temperatures between 25°C and 35°C. The hottest, busiest, and most humid months are July and August. The wettest month of the rainy season is November, which lasts from October through February. In contrast to other regions of Europe, Rovinj has warm winters even in the middle of summer.

Ideal Season to Visit Rovinj

When the weather is nice and pleasant and there are less tourists than during peak season, April to June and September to October are the best months to visit Rovinj. You may take advantage of outdoor activities during these months and visit the city’s biggest attractions without having to deal with a lot of people. In addition, prices for hotels and airfares are typically lower than during the high season.

The ideal months to visit Rovinj are from June through August if you want to go swimming and sunbathing. But during these months, expect bigger people and more expensive costs.

Overall, Rovinj is a fantastic place to travel to all year long. You must choose the season that best matches your interests and tastes because each has its own beauty and charms.

Accommodation in Rovinj

There are meny lodging choices in Rovinj to suit all preferences and price ranges. Everyone can find lodging in this quaint seaside town, which offers everything from five-star hotels and flats to budget hostels.

Hotels: There are several hotels in Rovinj, ranging in price from low cost to high end luxury. Numerous of these hotels are situated in the picturesque town centre and have breathtaking Adriatic Sea views.

Apartments: If you value privacy, consider renting one of the many apartments in Rovinj that are on the market. The majority of flats are situated in or near the town centre and are completely furnished with contemporary conveniences.

Old Town: If you want to be close to the town’s top sights, eateries, and pubs, staying in Rovinj’s Old Town is the ideal choice. This region offers a variety of lodging choices, from pricey apartments to opulent hotels.

Borik: Borik is a fantastic option if you want a more tranquil setting. Numerous private flats and villas can be found in this region, which is located to the north of the town centre. If you want to be away from the throng in a more tranquil environment, this is a fantastic choice.

Zlatni Rt: Zlatni Rt is the ideal spot for you if you enjoy being outside. Outdoor enthusiasts love to visit this region because of its stunning beaches and verdant woods. Hotels and flats are only a couple of the various lodging choices in this region.

You’re certain to savour Rovinj’s laid-back charm and breathtaking natural beauty wherever you choose to stay.

Day Trips from Rovinj

Although Rovinj is a terrific vacation spot, there are several equally fantastic locations nearby. Consider the following day excursion suggestions while visiting Rovinj:

Just a short drive from Rovinj lies the mediaeval city of Pula, which is renowned for its magnificent Roman amphitheatre, historic sites, and breathtaking beaches. You may spend the day taking in the city’s fascinating past and relaxing on one of the many beaches.

The Brijuni National Park is a haven for nature lovers, located off the coast of Istria. The national park has gorgeous beaches, historic ruins, and a variety of plants and animals. From Rovinj, you may take a boat cruise to explore the islands and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Motovun is a lovely hilltop village that foodies and wine connoisseurs should visit. Due to the town’s reputation for truffles, you may participate in truffle hunts and tastings at nearby eateries and vineyards. The village of Motovun has stunning vistas, and the road there is also quite picturesque.

Lim Bay: From Rovinj, this lovely bay is a fantastic day trip destination. The breathtaking beauty of the bay, which includes cliffs, caverns, and crystal-clear seas, may be explored on a boat cruise. Be sure to savour some fresh seafood while you’re there as the bay is a popular location for seafood eateries.

You’ll have a great time touring the locations close to Rovinj no matter which day excursion you decide on.

Practical Information for Travelers in Rovinj

Popular tourist destination Rovinj, Croatia is renowned for its stunning coastline, lovely ancient town, and dynamic culture. To make your vacation to Rovinj as easy and pleasurable as possible, there are a few practical considerations you should be aware of. Here are some crucial details for travellers:

Currency and Language: Croatia entered the Eurozone on January 1st, 2023, becoming the Euro its official currency. For little purchases, it’s a good idea to have some Euros on hand, however the majority of establishments in Rovinj take credit cards.

Although Croatian is the official language, English is also commonly spoken, particularly in popular tourist destinations like Rovinj. You shouldn’t have any problem interacting with residents or getting around the city.

Local Customs: Rovinj shares the laid-back and amiable culture of Croatia. It’s customary to shake hands and establish eye contact while introducing yourself to someone. Being on time for appointments and meetings is crucial since Croatians are often punctual.

Maintaining Your Health and Safety: Rovinj is a safe city, however it’s always wise to use caution when exploring new places. Avoid going alone in remote regions at night, safeguard your belongings, and be mindful of your surroundings.

Although bottled water is commonly accessible, Rovinj’s tap water is safe to drink. There are several hospitals and clinics in the city, and the majority of the medical staff understand English, in case you have any medical issues while you’re there.

In conclusion, Rovinj is a lovely, friendly city with a lot to offer tourists. You can make the most of your vacation and have a safe and happy experience by keeping these useful tips in mind.


The lovely seaside town of Rovinj, Croatia, provides a special fusion of history, culture, and unspoiled landscapes. Rovinj has everything to offer for every type of traveller, from its charming old town and breathtaking beaches to its delectable food and wine. This town offers everything, whether you want to engage in outdoor sports, cultural events, or simply unwind on the beach.

The optimum time to visit Rovinj, the numerous lodging options, and the many day trips you may take to adjacent locations should all be taken into account while making travel plans. To guarantee a seamless and pleasurable journey, it’s also essential to become familiar with local customs, language, and safety precautions.

Overall, Rovinj is a must-see location in Croatia and the ideal location to take in the beauty and allure of this magnificent nation. No matter if you’re travelling alone, with friends, or with family, Rovinj is certain to make an impression and give lifelong memories.

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